Saturday Scavenger Hunt

Back in September 07 or so, I came up with a silly little idea to have some sort of photo scavenger hunt. I did this originally because I have several regulars who love posting photos. I also did this because weekends are usually a little dead out in blog-world. If this was entirely original on my behalf, I do not know. Needless to say it has worked well thus far.
I have seen several new people jump into the Saturday Scavenger Hunt of late. I have seen people comment on other blogs that they would be interested in joining in and want to know what it is about. This is very cool and very welcome. Here is how the whole thing works.

The person who is chosen to select the word of the week picks a new word to get the week going. This usually takes place Saturday or Sunday.

Once they choose the word, anyone interested takes original photos, scans photos they have on hand, or say, has someone send them something. All I ask is that the photos be original and taken by you or someone you know. Google searching is way too easy and not really fun for this little game. (my opinion)

Come Saturday, everybody who is in for the week posts these photos associated with the word, in any way they see fit, on their blog. Also, probably a good idea to go to other blogs to see what they got and to sort of announce your participation. Plug your own blog on mine for example, leave a comment….great way to get new blog-world friends and readers anyway.

It is also on Saturday that the person who chose the week’s word also chooses the next person to name the word. They sort of pass the baton or the torch. The person named could be someone who has not done it or someone who just did it two weeks ago….it does not matter. Just be sure to check that blog out for the next person to choose and then hit theirs for the next word.

It has worked surprisingly well thus far and has been very well received. If you are wanting to play along..let me know. I always want to have more people along for this “Crappy” ride.

Here are the others that I know are playing along and associated links to their blogs:

Alien CG


laura b.






Not Fainthearted






Here is the list of words thus far:

Ah-ha, Animal, Black, Blue, Bottle, Bug, Building, Card, Chemistry, Clean, Cold, Communication, Curious, Doors, Drink, Drive, Fall, Family, Food, Hairy, Happy, Help, Hmm, Hot, Inspiration, Letters, Light, Local, New, Number, Old, One, Opportunities, Paper, Perfect, Pink, Reason, Red, Refreshed, Rock, Season, Sharp, Shine, Sin, Space, Spirit, Stuffed, Sweet, Temptation, Work, Zephyr

This Week’s Word: No

If you want in, please leave a comment below and let me know. The latest version of WordPress allows comments on pages.


7 Responses to Saturday Scavenger Hunt

  1. Renee says:

    Ok, ok… I may just give in and try this out. But since I only use my cell phone to take pics (as of now) I may not have alot of pics going on in these posts.

  2. evilesb138 says:

    Even posting one photo is participating. Some may go with one some may go with 21…it does not matter. As far as the camera thing, I will try and find the software for the little camera and put it on your PC. Then you can use the camera and do photos.

  3. k_sra says:

    *raises hand from back of class* I’d like to play, Mr. Evil. : )

  4. evilesb138 says:

    k_sra: Is this the same k_sra who is friends with Tara? You are more than welcome to jump in the little game. Welcome aboard.

  5. k_sra says:

    It is I. *scampers off to find an animal*

  6. AlienCG says:

    Change my link in here too. It’s still pointing to the old site.

  7. k_sra says:

    The Word for Saturday November 29 is GRATITUDE of course, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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