Lay Down Your Souls to the Gods Rock ‘n Roll

September 17, 2008

This is the one album that should have been in my top ten.  The problem being, my top ten was based on number of times I listened to the album.  I have had this album for a very long time, I also did not have this album for a very a long time.  I used to have it on cassette and had it in my car.  Problem being, it melted in the heat with a ton of other tapes.  When I went to try and find it on disc it was near impossible to find in the area and I finally repurchased it recently off Amazon.  So this album is 10A. in my countdown.

The band hailed from Canada and was one of the very first bands of a sub genre of metal.  They were named Kronos, Mantis, and Abaddon.  This album gave a name to and began a sub genre.  Many of you have not heard of them or the album, but this one is one of my all time favorites.

Venom’s 1982 release “Black Metal”.  This album features the title track which is an anthem in the metal world.  It also features “To Hell and Back”, “Countess Bathory”, “Don’t Burn the Witch”, and “Teacher’s Pet”.  I had forgotten how much I loved this album until I listened to it for about a week straight in the car.  I love

It is always fun adding to my top ten (11).  Thanks for checking this out.


Tuesday tags #62 (what the hek?)

September 16, 2008

This is the continuation of the Memorial Day Tag Hunt…I still have a few more from that day left in the tank.  This tag was located really close to a few of the others….just around another corner there lied these couple of beauties.  Not as technical as the last few, but bold once again.

So, we have “HEK” and “RMK”, “AMK”? Very nice and clear.  Nice and colorful.  These tags were done over someone’s and painted over an attempted clean up it appears.  This one has many features to it.  I left the rubble and litter in the photo for ambiance.  What a beautiful area this was.  Also, notice the top left….”PBJ”….

It is always fun running photos of Cleveland’s cultural centers.  Thanks for cleaning up your mess.

First I Did the Cartoons….

September 15, 2008

now it is time for the cereal that goes with them…..

I am going to post a double rank ’em tonight because, just like cartoons, everybody probably likes cereal.  I will list two sets, sweetened and not sweetened, rank your favorite to least on both lists.  I know I probably left out someone’s favorite and I apologize in advance.

Here they are:


A. Trix

B. Corn Pops

C. Sugar Smacks

D. Lucky Charms

E. Coco Pebbles

F. Frosted Flakes

I will do this list first and go to the second.  B, A, D, C, F, E (mind you, I like them all–this was difficult for me)


A. Rice Chex

B. Wheaties

C. Corn Flakes

D. Cheerios

E. Rice Krispies

F. Corn Chex

OK, here gos this list….E, C, F, D, A, B (pretty tough again, I like all of these as well)

So there it is, a double tonight.  Complete the lists if you so choose.

It is fun doing a food question.  Thanks for staying crunchy in milk my friends.

Woof, Woof, Wah, Wah

September 15, 2008

Coming to you from Cleveland Ohio…..

I have not said it recently so……

Fuck the Browns

It is always fun when the Steelers beat the Browns, especially when I live in Cleveland.  Thanks.

Saturday Scavenger Shots #51 (hairy)

September 13, 2008

I had previously mentioned this would be a photo post and it will be.  Mrs Hairy Woman aka babybull, picked “hairy” as this week’s word.  Very apropos I say.  I did some thinking on the subject before I came up with the idea.  I have done a ton of animals, those are hairy.  I have a lot of friends who still have long hair, those would be hairy as well.  BUT, I have mentioned several times in the past that I used to be a long haired dude myself.  I have never posted a photo of me with the metal locks–the tease is over, I shall post the metal boy himself, with his metal hair from back in the day…..

Here I am back in about 1992 or so…complete with mean metal part, smiley face with bullet in head T-shirt and the metal face.  I had no hair on my face back then…that was about 8 years away at the point of the photo.  Hopefully, this is hairy enough for the word.

It is fun incriminating myself.  It is fun heading into the 52nd week of the scavenger hunt.  Thanks for stopping by and hopefully it was not too hairy a situation for you.

Some Assorted Stuff on This Friday

September 12, 2008

I delayed on the results for the question for obvious reasons yesterday….

here they are, cue the Looney Tunes music:

coming in first, hey it was basically his show: Bugs Bunny doc

second place was ordered from the Acme Catalog by Wile E Coyote

he’s despicable but came in third:Daffy Duck

he might not get what he wants but he came in fourth: Sylvester

He tawt he taw fifth place: Tweety

that’s all folks: Porky Pig is apparently not our favorite ham

Some funny stuff for you:

Word Press posts search terms on the admin page.  Here are some of the ways people have at least viewed my blog:  Random, scavenger hunt, and evil-eye headlight are some of the expected ones.  But Happy birthday Pee-Wee Herman, Scootle McNoodle, “what day of the week was 09-11-01”, Chief Wahoo Billiards, No Brain (how did they know?), and Belphagor are some of the ones that just make me laugh.  People are actually looking for this information.  I just hope whoever was looking for Scootle McNoodle got what they expected.

It is fun doing odds and ends on a Friday.  See you tomorrow with my “hairy” scavenger hunt photo.  (yes only one tomorrow)


September 11, 2008

Today is, of course, the anniversary of the most horrific historical event of my lifetime.  I want to remember the day and forget the day at the same time.  This being said, I remember exactly what I was doing on that Tuesday morning when I heard of the news.

The company I worked for back then was a private airport security firm.  We supplied screeners, sky caps, baggage guys, etc. to many of the large airports around the country.  Including Newark, Laguardia, and Logan in Boston.  This used to be a privatized business…until this day 7 years ago.

It was the usual work day for me.  It was a bright, cloudless, sunny day not unlike today.  I was at my desk doing my payroll job as always.  I was on the phone with a girl named Betsy who worked for our company at Newark Airport (EWR).  This was very usual, Newark was one of my biggest and hardest locations as far as payroll went.  Anyway, while me and Betsy were discussing some new hires that were missing, she stopped and said “Oh my God, one of the twins is on fire or something”.  (the office faced Manhatten and Betsy had a large window)  She was rather mezmerized by the sight of the burning building and said she would call back.  I turned my radio back on and about 30 seconds later the bulletin came over the airways that one of the Trade Center buildings was burning.  Weird.

After a few minutes had passed, we all would learn of what was really going on.  Work stopped almost completely and just about the whole company was in the conference room watching TV.  We were allowed to leave early that day in fear that large buildings were being targeted and nobody really grasped everything to that point.  Here are a few more thoughts of that day.

  • the security breeches were not the responsibility of the company I worked for….
  • I played the song “Fuck the Middle East” by SOD on basically a loop that afternoon
  • I remember the weird silence of the afternoon…it seemed like nothing was moving that day
  • the company I worked for was forced out of business (TSA) and I was laid off in Jan. ’03
  • I was almost in shock while watching the images…nothing had ever really surprised me until then

It is not really fun remembering the Pearl Harbor or Kennedy assassination of my time.  Thanks for remembering.  I will post the results of Monday’s question tomorrow.