Big Important Question Tonight

August 18, 2008

I am doing a favor for my brother, the Alien, today. He has employed my services so that his new blog can have a new name. He is currently going with Alien’s Unnamed Blog since the big change over happened last Thursday. I am running the vote for Alien’s blog name as a Monday “Rank ‘Em” question. The results of the vote will determine the name of his blog. Unlike the American system, there is no electorate college. Unlike the Olympics there is no convoluted and complicated, mysterious scoring system. This is not going to a Chicago style election where one votes early and often. This will be an election where YOUR VOTE ACTUALLY COUNTS to determine the outcome. With that being said, lets get to the ballot, shall we?

Please rank the potential blog names in order of favorite to least favorite. Remember, even second and third choices have a bearing in the final outcome due to a simple point system. Here are the candidates:

A. Alien Nation

B. Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections

C. The Final Frontier

D. The Truth is in Here

E. Signs of Intelligent Life

F. Tales From Stonehenge

The Alien has already cast his vote privately in an email to me so as to prevent any type of bias. I will cast my vote publicly for all to see right now. D, E, B, F, C, A (I really have no clue who submitted any of these)

Voting opens now and runs until I get home from work on Thursday. In the case of a tie for first, there will be a run off vote that will run from Thursday night until Friday when I get home from work.

It is fun using my Monday question for a purpose. Thanks for casting your vote (that matters) and power to the people.


Random Thursday Stuff

August 14, 2008

OK, so by now you figured out that I am moved and all settled in now. Let’s get back to business, shall we? I have the potato results from the other night and they are pretty much as I thought they would be.

Oiu Oiu, French Fries came in first with 47 pts

This is a straight fact, curly fries are second with 41 pts

I am not baked when I say that baked potatoes were third with 36 pts

A Tie for fourth between mashed and home fries…they both had 34 pts

Last and least apparently, not a chip of the above blocks..potato chips with 18 pts

After the cold hard facts, how about a photo….I took this with the old camera last week at the same time I took the parking lot sign photo.

This is the old Illuminating Company Building--the 55

This is the old Illuminating Company Building--"the 55"

Look at the cool mirror effect…you can see another building in the broad side and the clouds on the short side…

It is fun doing the same old crap in a very new place. Thanks for following the link and finding your way down this new latrine trench.

This Spud’s For You

August 11, 2008

OK, it’s Monday and time once again to rank them. As you might have gotten from the title tonight’s question is all about potatoes, that versatile side. I know I will have a hard time ranking these, but I will have to find a favorite and a least favorite……so


If you go to restaurant and you are given these 6 choices, how do you like your spuds? Rank them from favorite to least please. Emphasis on the restaurant, I realize home cooked is always better. Thank you.

A. Mashed

B. Baked

C. Home Fries

D. French Fries

E. Curly Fries

F. Potato Chips


As is the custom, I will get this first. C, D, B, A, E, F…….


It is fun doing the question, especially when food is involved. Thanks for only asking once and ordering promptly. The results will go up on Thursday.

Insert Coins….

August 4, 2008

I am going away from the food thing tonight. I was jamming out in the car earlier to some metal from the early high school days and it got me feeling nostalgic. How about ranking some old school video games tonight?


Rank these video games from favorite to least. I will post the stats later in the week.

a. Asteroids

b. Space Invaders

c. Frogger

d. Pac Man

e. Dig Dug

f. Galaga

As is the case every week, I will do mine first. This one was tough because I like them all.

f. Galaga, e. Dig Dug, a. Asteroids, c. Frogger, b. Space Invaders, d. Pac Man


It is fun going back to the old school. Thanks for playing. Game over.

Thursday Stuff.

July 31, 2008

I am out tonight but I am still posting. I actually did this post at 6am. It’s Thursday and the question from Monday has run a few days. The results are in.


The least favorite household chores (there is a tie) are as follows…..

b. and c. topped the list of least favorite: that would be cleaning the bathroom and grocery shopping

a. and e. were tied as well: laundry and dusting/vacuuming

d. was the “favorite” chore: doing dishes

Thank you all for your input. I will be doing “rank these” questions for a while now.


Since I am feeling lazy I will post a couple of photos for your enjoyment. After the hard numbers, how about some nice scenery?

It is always fun doing my posts ahead of time. Thanks for stopping in. Have a good night everybody!

May I Ask Monday, #1 for the day

July 29, 2008

I think I will run two questions today. This will be the daytime question and I will come back after work and do another. I am liking the “rank these” style of late, so why not do some more. Today’s will be about things we all have to do even if they are unpleasant at times. So, as has been the case lately, rank these:

I want to know the least favorite this time. Please rank the household chores from least favorite to favorite.

a. laundry

b. cleaning the bathroom

c. grocery shopping

d. doing dishes

e. dusting and vacuuming

I got my answers…..a, c, e, d, b (yes, cleaning the bathroom is my favorite of these) I will post the results on Thursday or Friday for both questions so you can see.

It is fun asking the questions and seeing how you all answer. Come back after 7 or so for another question today. Thanks for playing.

Bits and Pieces.

July 24, 2008

I have a few things to hit this evening. This will be one of those all over the place posts. I have results from the last two weeks’ questions. I have some stuff about Tuesday Tags field officers and something that I have seen and heard that annoys me.


In response to a couple of you who have taken graffiti photos: Please post them or email them to me and I will be more than happy to post them. I don’t have strict guidelines, I was just being a smart-ass. I like when others help me out with stuff. I think it’s great that you even think to take pictures of tags.

The thing that has annoyed me lately….the new 2008 word “stay-cation”. I hate when the admen get all cutesy and create these little words. Has anyone else heard this on the radio or seen it on the local news?

I have the results from the recent Monday questions…they are pretty interesting. (if you are a stat geek like me). I used a points system to score the answers for each individual option I gave you. #1 choices received 6 points, #2 answers got 5 points, and so on.

The results for the summer fun question are as follows:

1. Park=47pts

2. Long Drives=31pts

3. Backyard barbecues/parties=48pts

4. Swimming=31pts

5. Gardening=21

6. Chilling on the porch/balcony=53pts

The results for the restaurant style question are as follows:

1. McDonald’s=18pts

2. TGIFriday’s=31pts

3. Chinese=46pts

4. Steak=49pts

5. Mexican=42pts

6. Pizza=45pts

The quiz results worked out really good. I created a spreadsheet to tally the numbers. Do not be surprised if I keep doing the “rank them” questions for a while. I want to use my new toy all the time now.


Finally, last but not least…Renee now has a blog of her own.  Click here to go to her place.


It is fun doing an update once in a while. Thanks for coming by and checking out the numbers. Thanks for answering as always.