Cereal Serial

September 19, 2008

Real quick today…..

Here is how the cereal vote ended up:

Sweetened: 1. Frosted Flakes, 2. Corn Pops, 3. Lucky Charms

Unsweetened: 1. Corn Chex, 2. Rice Chex, 3. (t) Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes

I have been really tired lately, allergy season is kicking my ass.

It is fun posting results and considering it a post.  Thanks for playing as always.


First I Did the Cartoons….

September 15, 2008

now it is time for the cereal that goes with them…..

I am going to post a double rank ’em tonight because, just like cartoons, everybody probably likes cereal.  I will list two sets, sweetened and not sweetened, rank your favorite to least on both lists.  I know I probably left out someone’s favorite and I apologize in advance.

Here they are:


A. Trix

B. Corn Pops

C. Sugar Smacks

D. Lucky Charms

E. Coco Pebbles

F. Frosted Flakes

I will do this list first and go to the second.  B, A, D, C, F, E (mind you, I like them all–this was difficult for me)


A. Rice Chex

B. Wheaties

C. Corn Flakes

D. Cheerios

E. Rice Krispies

F. Corn Chex

OK, here gos this list….E, C, F, D, A, B (pretty tough again, I like all of these as well)

So there it is, a double tonight.  Complete the lists if you so choose.

It is fun doing a food question.  Thanks for staying crunchy in milk my friends.

Some Assorted Stuff on This Friday

September 12, 2008

I delayed on the results for the question for obvious reasons yesterday….

here they are, cue the Looney Tunes music:

coming in first, hey it was basically his show: Bugs Bunny doc

second place was ordered from the Acme Catalog by Wile E Coyote

he’s despicable but came in third:Daffy Duck

he might not get what he wants but he came in fourth: Sylvester

He tawt he taw fifth place: Tweety

that’s all folks: Porky Pig is apparently not our favorite ham

Some funny stuff for you:

Word Press posts search terms on the admin page.  Here are some of the ways people have at least viewed my blog:  Random, scavenger hunt, and evil-eye headlight are some of the expected ones.  But Happy birthday Pee-Wee Herman, Scootle McNoodle, “what day of the week was 09-11-01”, Chief Wahoo Billiards, No Brain (how did they know?), and Belphagor are some of the ones that just make me laugh.  People are actually looking for this information.  I just hope whoever was looking for Scootle McNoodle got what they expected.

It is fun doing odds and ends on a Friday.  See you tomorrow with my “hairy” scavenger hunt photo.  (yes only one tomorrow)

A Looney Question For You

September 8, 2008

Rank these famous cartoon characters for me tonight.  Start with your favorite.

a. Bugs Bunny

b. Daffy Duck

c. Porky Pig

d. Sylvester

e. Wile E. Coyote

f. Tweety Bird

I will go first: b, e, a, d, c, f……

It is fun doing silly questions. Thanks for tuning in…….that’s all folks.


August 28, 2008

I am short on brain cells and short on words tonight. I am dead ass tired.

Here are the TV Land sitcom poll results:

The blue ribbon goes to All in the Family with 63 pts

Next was M*A*S*H with 59 pts

Followed by Three’s Company with 58 pts

Alice placed fourth with 36 pts

and last and apparently least were the Jeffersons and Sanford and Son with 31 pts

It might be “blue week” as I declared earlier, but this photo definitely is not. We will say that green is the new blue for today.

Here is a mysterious looking park staircase that leads into the woods.

It is fun not really doing much for a post. Thanks for walking down my mysterious staircase and venturing into the woods called Random Crap.

May I Ask? (TV Land style)

August 25, 2008

OK, it’s Monday and you know it is time to rank them…..

Tonight lets go for old sitcoms. Rank them in order of favorite to least please.

A. Sanford and Son

B. M*A*S*H*

C. Three’s Company

D. All in the Family

E. The Jeffersons

F. Alice

Because I am here first, I will rank them. D, C, B, A, F, E….that was easy.

Your turn.

It is fun doing the Monday night question. Thanks for playing as always. Results will be posted Thursday.

He Needs a Name!

August 21, 2008

and a name we shall have…..I am home from work so the voting is ended.

The Alien’s previously unnamed blog will now be called “Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections”. Thanks everybody for voting, myself and the Alien appreciate your input. The comments were left out there for all to see, no comments were deleted, and the numbers are in and true. True democracy actually lives here. Here are the results.

1. Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections, 55 pts

2. Signs of Intelligent Life, 54 pts

3. Alien Nation, 49 pts

4. Tales From Stonehenge, 45 pts

5. The Truth is in Here, 40 pts

6. The Final Frontier, 30 pts

Here are some clouds to look at. I thought they looked really strange and cool. I took these last Thursday morning. Enjoy.

check out the shape and color of this cloud

check out the shape and color of this cloud

It is fun posting the actual results from actual voters. It is fun considering some poll results and a couple of photos a post. Thanks for taking part in the democratic process.