Tuesday Tags #63

September 23, 2008

I debated whether to use this or not because I took it from the moving car.  Why not.

It appears to be “GOT” or “GOZ”, but it is hard to say.  These guys always seem to use fonts I am not familiar with.  This one has little riders attached to it, as a few others have…..”BAKI” looks like they are trying to cash in on the big tag here.

It is always fun doing the tags….thanks for stopping in and yes, I will be around later in the week to check out eveyone else.  My head is controlled by allergy medication right now.


Tuesday tags #62 (what the hek?)

September 16, 2008

This is the continuation of the Memorial Day Tag Hunt…I still have a few more from that day left in the tank.  This tag was located really close to a few of the others….just around another corner there lied these couple of beauties.  Not as technical as the last few, but bold once again.

So, we have “HEK” and “RMK”, “AMK”? Very nice and clear.  Nice and colorful.  These tags were done over someone’s and painted over an attempted clean up it appears.  This one has many features to it.  I left the rubble and litter in the photo for ambiance.  What a beautiful area this was.  Also, notice the top left….”PBJ”….

It is always fun running photos of Cleveland’s cultural centers.  Thanks for cleaning up your mess.

Tuesday Tags #61 (we have an A and B)

September 9, 2008

This is still another tag from the Memorial Day tag hunt.  As I have mentioned, we were in a very gang-polluted area I do believe, so everything was tagged.  This one was visible going eastbound on the side of a building.

The top one is obviously more readable…the bottom one has been splashed with red paint.  We have “RIP” or “NIP” or “PIP” or something up top.  Next to that, could we have a girl tagger in “Jane”?  We also have another coat tail rider in “CSF”…he seems to be feeding off the big tag.  The bottom one was part of the piece so included it.  We can see *BAK* for sure, but I have no idea what the big thing is supposed to be.

It is always fun doing my personal favorite as far as features go.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks, this one will be paled by something upcoming.  Thanks for checking this one out.

Tuesday Tags #60 (nice and clear)

September 2, 2008

The Memorial Day graffiti hunt was a really good one.  This was the most productive search and photograph mission I have been on.  Here is another from that collection.  This one does not require much analysis, it is quite clear.

-MAK- put up a nice big clear tag so that even un-street white people like me could read it.  He could be associated with Prae Dizer as well because the very edge of last week’s tag is to the right in the photo.   It looks like TKO might be suffering from an inferiority complex too.

It is fun, as always, posting the fine art of the streets from Cleveland.  Thanks for not feeling inferior like poor little TKO.

Tuesday Tags #59, Field Tag #10

August 26, 2008

It is Tuesday and it is tags time again. I will be running the latest in the Memorial Day tag spree from down in the ghetto. The tag fits the “blue week” theme very nicely. I will also be running the latest entry from the field office and introducing my latest cub reporter. Here is #59…..

Remember last week, next to the “True Kings”, there was a little tag done by Prae Dizer. I think this might be Prae’s big tag. It was located pretty close to “the Kings”. This baby is pretty big and this was the only angle I could get the whole thing.

Now for field tag #10….

I would like to introduce my latest reporter, one Cricket. I got in contact with her after she could not find an email address for me, so I emailed her. Nice find and from a very nice place. It looks like Syne”08″ was bored with the view from where they were sitting.

It is always fun posting big ghetto tags and tags from new reporters. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the double feature tonight.

Tuesday Tags #58 (I know we are!!)

August 19, 2008

This will be the latest tag from the Memorial Day tag hunt that me and Renee went on. The area is definitely rife with tagging goodness. We have seen some very good ones in this collection thus far, this one does not disappoint.

I don’t know if we are allowed to look at this? We may be true kings, we may not be? Prae Dizer must be because Prae Dizer is right there.

It is always fun doing my longest running feature. Thanks for stopping in and checking out you bunch of true kings and queens.

Field Tag #9 (thanks Tara)

August 18, 2008

Since I posted the vote this morning, I figured I would put something up tonight as well. I have been running the Tuesday Tags feature for a solid year and a quarter now. Recently, my field office has sprung up and I am getting help from a lot of people. People have posted graffiti at their places and I have three folks that send me nice pieces as well. (Thanks Renee, Alien, and Tara) Tonight’s is brought to us by field reporter Tara. She got it at a parking garage downtown after an Indians’ game last week. Nice catch.

The tag appears to say “sevens” or something close.

What do you think?

One more point before I get out of here.  If you have noticed, I am now featuring the Saturday Scavenger Hunt word directly to the right.  Also, I will post the tagged person there.  Just a convenience for my peeps.  Also, any kind of important points will be posted there….

It is always fun letting the field office take the helm. Thanks for rolling 7s and not crapping out!!