Tuesday Tags #63

I debated whether to use this or not because I took it from the moving car.  Why not.

It appears to be “GOT” or “GOZ”, but it is hard to say.  These guys always seem to use fonts I am not familiar with.  This one has little riders attached to it, as a few others have…..”BAKI” looks like they are trying to cash in on the big tag here.

It is always fun doing the tags….thanks for stopping in and yes, I will be around later in the week to check out eveyone else.  My head is controlled by allergy medication right now.


10 Responses to Tuesday Tags #63

  1. dmarks says:

    The next challenge is to photograph tags ON a moving car.

  2. babybull40 says:

    Good eye.. I too think that Baki is trying to get in on the deal.. I might have a pic or two shelved away..

  3. Cricket says:

    On patrol, on the move, bringing us only the best. News at 11.

  4. laura b. says:

    Boy, you really have some bigass tags around there! Maybe Ohio should put that in their tourism ads!

    Come to Ohio
    Where Graffiti is King!

  5. churlita says:

    I actually like it better from the moving car. It looks pretty cool. I hope your allergies get better. Everyone I work with is suffering too.

  6. Renee says:

    Definitely looks like a “Z” for GOZ. I hope you feel better soon – I can relate too the heavy head thing :(!

  7. Manuel says:

    Hmm…and I wonder what you would call a font like that? Funky? Ghetto? GHGHKHGHJGHVYTVCCWK(If you can’t read the font, why should you be able to pronounce it???)?

  8. AlienCG says:

    (I forgot that I did not comment yet)

    Maybe it says GAZ. Whatever it says, it must be meaningful to somebody.

  9. k_sra says:


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